GreenMicrofinance Global, Ltd.™ (GMf™) is a pioneer advocate for the accommodation of sustainable environmental practices within the financial sector (see Guiding Principles).  Our Mission is to promote and assist in implementing cutting-edge, win-win initiatives, which alleviate poverty and provide local and global environmental benefits.  We distinctly focus on empowering micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).  We create community gateways through collaborative local relationships.

Our work is informed by years of field experience in Africa, in Asia, and in Latin America.  Through the years, we have gleaned numerous basic insights from innovative community leaders and officials – insights about village preferences, local habitat, cultural nuances, and program adaptation.

Conversely, we have observed the lasting benefits of “from-the-ground-up” knowledge-transfer.  Empathic GMf colleagues convey program elements to community leaders that bridge the “adaptation gap.”  Of critical value, such knowledge transfers often – but certainly not always, enable communities to more effectively cope with the momentous local challenges of climate change.

In summary, innovative community leaders are encouraged to adapt GMf programs to their local community preferences and nuances.  Because of their own learning experiences they become respected community advocates.  They lead their families and communities along pathways toward sustainable living and wealth accumulation. Women become empowered by teaching and by living the action-wisdom of Well-Being. Youth are provided new opportunities for employment through environmentally-friendly entrepreneurial skills training.  This is how individuals and families receive the necessary tools to bridge the “Adaptation Gap.”   And this is why “from-the-ground-up” programs usually succeed.

Capacity development is neither fast nor easy.

One-shot projects often fail.

Well-traveled, well-worked, long-term programs usually succeed.

We appreciate your interest and support.

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Thomas and Elizabeth Israel
Founders and Principals 

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